Our tropic strap.

A bestseller of our brand.
These straps are loved by many watch enthusiasts.
Staying true to the ones made in the 1960's without compromise.

Customer reviews
The strap was everything I was hoping for. It is immediately comfortable and looks sharp.
— @kplam (Watchuseek)
I have compared the meraud against 9 other tropic straps, and it came out best overall.
— @twomanywrist (Instagram)
The rubber Tropic-style strap is one of the best I have worn. It is soft, flexible, and molds well to the contour of my wrist. When I spend time outdoors and go swimming, the rubber strap is perfect.
— MikeMan2727 (Omegaforums.net)
Meraud is a league ahead of anything silicone based.
— Robbiekhan (forum.tz-uk.com)
Out of all the tropic straps I've purchased Méraud tropic feels super comfy and soft. Looks great too...
— @dayandnight (Watchuseek)
I can now also confirm the Méraud tropic is excellent. Like a second skin. Be warned though, if you visit their site you may end up with more than a strap.
— @illumidata (Watchuseek)
I bought 2 x medium Meraud and their straps are A1 quality. You get what you pay for. Fits my 6.5" wrist like a glove.
— @agentdaffy007 (Watchuseek)
Ik heb zelf een aantal tropic banden en deze vind ik de fijnste én mooiste!
— @Brick (horlogeforum.nl)
Un Tropic bastante bien lograda, calidad por donde le mires.
— @Circuit (relojes-especiales.com)
The Tropic strap

Unmatched elegance.

The Tropic strap offers a distinctive touch to any watch, with its
exceptional design that brings comfort, personality, style and
durability together.

Its popularity among dive and tool watch lovers, along with its legacy equipping renowned dive watches, makes it a sought-after accessory among collectors.

The Tropic strap transcends its sports origins to embody sophistication in any setting.

A DIve into history

A legendary accesory.

The Tropic strap is a historic icon, known for its role in deep sea exploration during the 1960s and 1970s.

It graced the wrists of legends such as the Rolex Submariner, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, and Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Deep Sea, and was favored by the daring skindivers of the era.

Crafted with natural rubber, the tropic strap was ahead of its time, delivering unparalleled durability and resistance.

Today, Méraud brings this timeless classic back to life, as close as possible to the original one from the 60's.

Pictures show the French Navy.

THE FINER DETAILS of our tropic strap

A cut above the rest.

The Méraud Tropic strap is a perfect blend of the past and the present. Made of vulcanized natural rubber, it's a high-temperature process that gives the rubber a lustrous shine and improved resistance.

We used an original Tropic strap from the 1960s as a reference and made our own 3D model to ensure that our strap would match the look and feel of the original as close as possible.

The result is a strap that not only has a beautiful sheen, but also the same dimensions, without any of the undesirable vanilla smell found in others.

Whether you're looking for a classic look or a touch of modern elegance, our Tropic strap is the perfect accessory for your watch.