Purveyors of Fine Straps & Accessories


Molequin was formed at the beginning of 2016 and was created based on three defining principles;

1. To only use leather skins from ethical sources.

2. To make sure that all their products are produced to the highest standards.

3. Molequin strives to build a business based on touch, feel and reassurance.

Both Méraud and Molequin aim to embody the ideologies that less is more and that style is enduring.

Méraud is thrilled to join forces with Molequin, as our shared values make for a truly exceptional working relationship.

What began as a casual conversation over a beer has blossomed into a friendship based on a shared passion for excellence.

Our commitment to pursuing the best is what sets us apart and brings us closer together in business.

We believe that the smallest details matter, and we are dedicated to delivering products that exceed your expectations in every way.


Méraud X @MisterTudor

Our rubber straps have proven to be a hit with customers. The hard work we've put into designing and producing them has paid off.

While the process was filled with trial and error, we are now confident that we are offering the best quality.

Due to the success of the rubber tropic bands, Méraud has decided to establish a sister company to meet the high demand for the straps and provide even more options in terms of colors, designs, and sizes.

Introducing a brand new collaboration, brought to you by a partnership between Méraud and the renowned @mistertudor (Laurent).

Our journey began at the world's largest watch fair, where two watch enthusiasts joined forces to bring you the best in wrist wear.

Our shared passion for watches and collecting is what brought us together, and it's that same passion that drives us to offer you our exceptional products.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of wristwear, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest in design, quality, and style.

So join us on this journey and experience the passion for yourself! Coming soon!