Stainless Steel Rivetted Bracelet



Constructed from robust 316L steel with solid endlinks and authentic rivets, our bracelets embody both strength and elegance. The quick-adjust press clasp enhances convenience, while the bracelet's design, tapering from 20mm to 16mm towards the buckle, ensures a sleek and refined appearance. We've captured the essence of a classic rivet bracelet, offering a tactile experience that's both satisfying and stylish.

Developing such a bracelet was a meticulous task. Our goal was to create an oyster-style bracelet that stands out in the market. Unique to Méraud, our bracelets feature genuine rivets, a distinctive element we've proudly incorporated since 2018. This design choice not only adds to the aesthetic but also to the bracelet's overall integrity.

Practicality is key in our design; hence, the first four links are riveted for durability, while the remaining links are equipped with screws for ease of sizing. Our latest bracelet design is compatible with both the Antigua and the Bonaire MkII models. For those who already own a Méraud bracelet, you'll find it seamlessly interchangeable with these models.