Belgian based, fueled by passion, inspired by the past.

Founded by vintage watch collector and one of the leading members of the Belgium Watch Club, Stijn Busschaert. A watch enthusiast for years, Stijn decided to create his own brand and infuse his passion into the market.

Méraud’s mission is to create exceptional, yet affordable vintage-inspired timepieces.

The result is the Méraud Bonaire. A mechanical timepiece built by modern standards with a pure design where form follows function.

Inspired by yesterday’s finest watches, but crafted for today’s watch enthusiasts, Méraud brings together the best of both eras.

We’re well-versed in the nuances of vintage and heritage timepieces and approached Méraud’s designs from the mindset of a passionate collector.



Influenced by dive watches from the 1960s considered by many watch aficionados to be the golden era of tool watches.

The Méraud Bonaire combines classic style with contemporary practicality.

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A passion for watches, love for details.

Méraud steps in to fill the void of high quality, yet affordable, vintage-inspired watches built to modern standards. And because a passionate watch devotee is at the helm of the company, no detail was spared in the research, design, construction and packaging of Méraud watches. We’re not your typical boutique brand.  

  • “Success in the microbrand space demands a special blend of size, specs, and design, and the Méraud Bonaire seems to have found a compelling mix of all three”


  • “One of the 10 best watches of 2018 under 2,000 EUR”

    Monochrome Watches

  • “Another vintage-style diver, but smartly detailed”

    SJX Watches

  • “Designed to please, with its classic aesthetic, powerful, reliable movement, and with its choice of straps, the Méraud Bonaire rides the retro-comeback wave”

    Yanko Design

  • “The Méraud Bonaire is a dive watch with classic 60s charm”



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