3 Years of hard work, well worth the wait.

Be prepared for the Antigua.

Designed in 2019 followed by a quest in Switzerland for the right movement took us until now to finally release our the Méraud Antigua.

We wanted to use a very specific movement for this and that's exactly what makes it stand out even more.

This timepiece and it's movement represents everything what Méraud is about. Well known by the vintage guys, gorgeous to look at, simple yet refined and Swiss Made.

Due to the limited availability of the movement (only 200pcs!) this launch is a limited edition model. We wish we could source more of these Landeron 248 calibers as we love it but it's not the case.

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Inspired by Classic Regatta Races.

Managing a raceboat is physically demanding and the crew must execute complex and highly choreographed maneuvers. A classic regatta also oozes luxury and finesse.

We have embodied all of these characteristics into the design of the Antigua.

Elegant but functional. It just works.


A true partner.

Méraud is proud to announce that we're working with Molequin. Sharing the same values makes working together simply amazing.

What started with talking about our passion whilst grabbing a beer ended up in a friendship.

What brought us closer together in terms of business is that both Méraud and Molequin are striving for the best.

Details matter. Even the smallest ones.