Whether you need a strap for your Méraud or your vintage Rolex, this is our selection. From rubber to leather to steel.
We love true craftsmanship and we went all out on our straps.




The strap, an important detail that is so often overlooked by many brands, be it established names or small brands. For Méraud it’s an essential piece of the puzzle, a proper strap. Some important points were craftsmanship, durability, tradition, comfort and quality. Based upon those needs two tanneries were selected to use leather. Located in France and Germany, and suppliers of one of the biggest leather luxury brands.
A view inside one of the tanneries we use.
Both tanneries are one of the best names in the industry.
Leather is sourced from the tanneries in either France or Germany and then being sent of to a small leather “atelier”.
Once the skins are bought, they are being sent to our leathercrafter. There the straps are cut, machine stitched and partially hand stitched. Each single leather strap is finished by hand. The straps have a thickness of about 2mm, the inner leather is hypo-allergenic and the outer leather is durable, yet soft and luxurious.
Part of the stitching is being done by machines. A saddle stitch is being used for durability. Plus, it’s just great to look at.
Edge finishing done by hand. Once the straps are stitched, an edge coating is applied to the sides of the strap.
The end result is our premiu leather strap. Pictured here is the Smooth Cognac. A beautiful calf leather that will get an amazing patine over time.