Blue Rubber Tropic Watch Strap

We’re convinced that this tropic strap is the best available on the market. Very hard to make due to the different rubber types available. A true rubber has been used, dustfree and with a soft feel. The tropic strap is extremely comfortable and perfect for a swim or a run down the park. Two sizes are available so it can be worn over a wetsuit. Tapers down from 20mm to 16mm at the buckle.

Comes with a 16mm high polished buckle.


Lug width: 20mm
Buckle width: 16mm
Regular size: 112/73mm
Large size: 125/85mm
Dust free rubber, very soft and flexible

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The Méraud Bonaire “Marine Blue”. Great match for your vintage pieces.


This one took a while to develop. Inspired by the Original Tropic straps from the 60’s, we are sure that this is the best modern tropic available on the market.
Both the design and rubber type has been made as close as possible to the Original Tropics.

Delivery by May 2019.

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