About Méraud Watch Co.


Founded in Ghent, Belgium, Méraud Watch Company is a passion project through and through. As a watch enthusiast, I feel that I’m well versed in the nuances of vintage watches and I know what collectors like myself look for in heritage timepieces.

After collecting watches for over 10 years it was time to fulfill a dream. Launching my own watch brand. I want to set myself apart by creating timepieces, using my passion as fuel for my work, which is the most natural and efficient way to be creative.

While the current vintage market is at an all-time high, some pieces have become impossible to obtain to many collectors. Other than that, vintage watches have become collectable but they can also be vulnerable. This is where modern pieces excel, their movement, case, bracelet, everything has been engineerd by a higher level. Méraud is my passion project where vintage and new come together.

We step in to fill the void of high quality, yet affordable, vintage-inspired watches built to modern standards. And because a passionate watch devotee is at the helm of the company, no detail was spared in the research, design, construction, and packaging of Méraud watches.

Méraud thrives on the philosophy that there is inherent beauty in simplicity and functionality.

The inaugural model is the Méraud Bonaire dive watch. While the name Méraud is derived from the French word for emerald (émeraude) to symbolize something precious, Bonaire is an island in the Caribbean, also known as Divers Paradise.

To build the vintage-inspired timepieces, we count on top suppliers that boast some of the world’s best brands as customers. Just to name a few, the leather straps come from European suppliers that sell to the worlds most renowned handbag manufacturer, the NATO-style straps are sourced from a French supplier that makes straps for one of the largest swiss watch brands, and the STP1-11 caliber is modified and made in Switzerland by Swiss Technology Production.

Every Méraud timepiece is painstakingly designed in-house in Belgium, down to the last detail.

Méraud is a passion project out of love for watches and I have tried to combine this with everything I love. This is where I connected with the people behind the scenes, every single individual is just as passionate about his task as I am about watches. This synergy lead to our end result, the Méraud Bonaire, our first model.

Stijn Busschaert
– Méraud Watch Co. –